Industrial Kitchen Extraction Systems

The kitchen package would not be complete without the supply, installation and commissioning of an efficient ventilation system. Our industrial extraction systems are designed and manufactured in-house, then installed and commissioned by our own engineers, all in accordance with DW172 ( HVCA Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems ). Only the finest materials are used from industry-recognised suppliers, giving our customers peace-of-mind, in that all system components are from reputable sources. In addition to the extraction system, and in accordance with HSE Catering Document CAIS23 & British Standard BS 6173:2009, all systems must be fitted with a Gas Safety Interlock System which ensures that gas will only be delivered to the appliances when the extraction system is in operation. We are able to supply, install and commission all types of kitchen Interlock Systems.

Industrial Kitchen Extraction Installation

If required, we can supply and install just the extraction canopy for connection by your M&E contractor. This is normal where complex ductwork is required on larger sites and where the air supply to and from the kitchen, impacts on adjacent areas of the building. The canopy would be fitted with stainless steel baffle filters running the length of the filter housing. These filters are easy to remove and clean, and unlike mesh filters which become clogged with grease, they do not affect the efficiency of the system with age.
Considerations for the planning and installation of ventilation systems are mainly and can be complicated. Let Catersure do the legwork in organising the planning and installation of your kitchen ventilation system. We will determine the technical requirements of your system and will work closely with planners and architects to provide you with a trouble free installation which will meet all current legislation criteria. Installation would be carried out by our own teams who have experience in building the systems, in our fabrication facility before assembling and testing the finished article on site.

Extraction maintenance Services

There are certain maintenance and cleaning procedures which can be carried out by kitchen staff. Simple procedures like removing and cleaning the grease filters, cleaning the inside of the canopy skirt to remove excess grease and oil, and finally checking the physical condition of the grease filters for damage and displaced vertical baffle strips.
Fires caused by the lack of servicing in kitchen extraction systems are not entirely un-common. Our in-house Service Department are able to supply a regular cleaning regime evidenced by a completion certificate as required by your insurance providers.

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For more information on contract cleaning please visit our service and maintenance page.

  • Edward Barlow, Edward Barlow & Associates Ltd
    A big thankyou for your recent work at the White Eagle, Rhoscolyn. As always the final couple of weeks was somewhat hectic, but the end result is second to none. I am sure the Timpson family will be very proud of what they have created for many years to come. In my experience of developing pub/catering operations the kitchen is, more often than not, the most contentious and talked about part of the development. In the case of the White Eagle and despite us reaching revision K, the kitchen has been designed and installed with a minimum of fuss and with a very ‘can do’ attitude. Again, in my experience, this is not usually the case with other contractors - Thank you Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
    Edward Barlow, Edward Barlow & Associates Ltd
    (On behalf of the client Timpson Ltd)
  • Andrea Green, Project Manager
    During the indepth process of planning to installation of a fully operational kitchen, Catersure were helpful and creative at every step, and not only produced detailed schedules of each stage of the process but actually met the deadline with time to spare. An excellent service from knowledgeable professionals who we're are now talking to about our kitchen refurbishment for next year.
    Andrea Green, Project Manager
    The Lincoln Hotel
  • Henk Van Heumen, General Manager
    I would like to congratulate you and your staff, and thank you for the excellent job you did at Bashall Barn. The kitchen and its lay out is superb and is working very well now and we have been working in it for the last 6 months. Your after care has been dealt with in a professional manner. Your Ice cream and bar which was not your normal field of work are also working very well. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any other potential customer.
    Henk Van Heumen, General Manager
    Bashall Barn, Clitheroe

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